Is it time to fall this customer?

A male was sitting guiding me in a café a though again. He was sitting at the rear of me, somebody necessary a pen, I gave it to them, and in some way he struck up dialogue with me. Begun inquiring me about what I did, I stated WordPress dev and web site structure, and reported he has one thing I could possibly be in a position to enable with.

2 several hours afterwards, after sitting down subsequent to me uncomfortably near, breaching particular room, using my entire title + variety + site, etc. he advised me about a Zoom meeting that 7 days with a further guide/developer he had, I would be welcome to be a part of to understand additional. I obliged. And more data, it was just odd as in stating this shit like “it was intended to be” and he could just “really feel my electrical power” and understood we would function fantastic jointly. Truthfully, felt like one particular of all those energy vampire narcissistic forms.

Of study course, I sat by way of the 2 hour meeting afterwards that week, receiving paid out absolutely nothing when the other developer (who was arranging/managing it), was charging him $2k.

I finished up blowing off this client for about a thirty day period till he started achieving back again out numerous times. His thoughts are too convoluted, he can’t emphasis on what requires to be accomplished, etcetera. But on this second go, we agreed on a a person web page landing webpage. I get the job done on a several sections, we hop on a Zoom call, we close up shelling out 1 hour 30 minutes on enhancing the copy on a person area…

Thanksgiving Eve he is making an attempt to launch, I just gave up for the reason that there truthfully wasn’t ample time, hit me at 8pm with indicating he requires the blog site setup, WooCommerce, etc.

I am about 20 hrs deep whole, there is no contract, no payment (while tracked time, possibly 8 hrs @ $60/hour billable). This entire detail was just unique mainly because I satisfied him in a cafe as opposed to my standard procedures and onboarding.

I dismissed him Thanksgiving weekend, he texts me back stating he “thought he’d enable me enjoy Thanksgiving” ahead of taking the future methods.

I’m just accomplished and ready to cut my losses. I’m absolutely sure I could inform him we need to have to set up a contract and get paid out so much, but I never feel I even want to. All the do the job so significantly is done on my servers. AITA if I ghost him?

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