I have to have assistance modifying a snippet in the capabilities.php

I am working with this snippet:

include_filter( ‘script_loader_tag’, operate ( $tag, $cope with )

if ( ‘jquery-core’ !== $tackle )
return $tag

return str_switch( “variety=’text/javascript’ src”, ‘data-cfasync=”bogus” src’, $tag )
, 10, 2 )

How do I incorporate extra handles to this line? if ( ‘jquery-core’ !== $handle )

Also, this code appears to be to insert two supplemental areas just before the attribute. Is there a way to take out them?

EDIT: Alright, I figured it out if (( ‘elementor-common’ !== $take care of ) && ( ‘elementor-popular-modules’ !== $take care of )) but why is there 2 added spaces in front of the attribute? It appears to be like this