I developed a starter boilerplate to deal with WordPress as a framework

I’m a entire stack developer, I perform a good deal with Node.js and frontend frameworks.

Yet, I’ve also been employing and establishing with WordPress for ages. A lot more frequently than not, WordPress is the best choice for the undertaking at hand simply because a great deal of designed-in characteristics just match. We all know the drill, **You should not REPEAT Yourself**.

What definitely bothered me when developing non-trivial assignments is that there are **much too a lot of shifting sections**: each individual 10 minutes, there are plugins that need updating.

On every update, behaviours may possibly transform, and it is truly a headache to examination all the things that generally.

I wanted plugins (and WordPress) to be managed like dependencies, the exact same way it functions in npm and composer. So I attained out to **composer** to deal with every little thing and **npm** to regulate the theme’s property.

It is the sort of **workflow you can be expecting from any modern-day framework** (PHP or JS entire world) and you get the same form of performance:
* **tree shaking** and **code splitting** for JavaScript,
* **dynamic loading** for CSS,
* gzip & brotli **pre-compression** for anything,
* **webp** versions of all theme’s illustrations or photos.

The starter is referred to as Steroids and can take inspiration from Wordplate, but code splitting and kinds dynamic loading is a cinch.

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