Hunting for a theme with a sticky header and a massive include graphic

Hello, I really don’t ordinarily use Wp and I essentially sort of despise it, but my consumer insisted. I am seeking for a absolutely free theme that makes use of a substantial aspect/deal with picture and also has a sticky nav at the major. I am presently employing Flexia and all over again I sort of dislike it, but at the very least the nav stays the place it requires to and doesn’t consider up as well considerably area. Nevertheless I simply cannot determine out how to add a huge picture down below the nav and it’s producing me bonkers.

Also, if any one knows how I can conceal the “title” of a webpage that does not use the title (due to the fact it really is not a post, it really is a site) I would be seriously grateful for the support. Tailor made CSS won’t feel to operate.

Edit: I am modifying with elementor free.

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