How to Use the Weighted Average Formula in Excel

How to Use the Weighted Typical System in Excel

When you happen to be calculating the normal for a established of values, you’re generally operating with values that have the same fat and worth.


But what happens if some values weigh a lot more than other folks? This is exactly where the weighted ordinary method comes in.

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In this article, we will break down how to use this components in Excel, furthermore present some examples.

How to Work out Weighted Normal in Excel

sumproduct weighted average formula

To work out the weighted regular in Excel, you need to use the SUMPRODUCT and SUM capabilities applying the subsequent components:


This method operates by multiplying each individual value by its fat and combining the values. Then, you divide the SUMPRODUCT but the sum of the weights for your weighted average.

Still confused? Let’s go over the steps in the upcoming area.

Applying SUMPRODUCT to Determine Weighted Normal in Excel

1. Enter your details into a spreadsheet then incorporate a column that contains the bodyweight for each details point.

sumproduct to calculate weighted average in excel step 1

2. Style =SUMPRODUCT to begin the formulation and enter the values. sumproduct to calculate weighted average in excel step 2

3. Click enter to get your outcomes.

sumproduct to calculate weighted average in excel step 3

How to Come across Weighted Going Averages in Excel

A weighted shifting regular is a procedure used to continue to keep the time interval of the average the similar as you include new details or give additional body weight to specified time durations. This can allow you to identify traits and designs a lot more easily.

For instance, say you have the variety of views your web site acquired in the final five days, you can simply ascertain the regular views in a five-working day period of time.

Now, say the up coming week, I check with for the five-day typical, you would use facts from the very last 5 times, not the primary five times from the earlier 7 days.

As these kinds of, you’re nevertheless relying on the exact same time period of time but updating the details to crank out the relocating ordinary.

For a weighted relocating typical, you give far more body weight to selected time intervals than some others. You might say that working day 5 weights 60% with the remaining percentages lowering by working day.

As these types of, you can expect to require to manually compute this components.

WMA = [value 1 x (weight)] + [value 2 x (weight)] + [value 3 x (weight)] + [value 4 x (weight)]

After you get the hang of it, making use of the weighted ordinary components is straightforward. All it requires is a little observe.

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