how to set unique web pages for posts in WP

Howdy every person,
I am presently creating my site making use of WP and I preferred to create a number of webpages in this website with every website page getting unique posts, that’s indicate I do not want all write-up to appear in the residence page, I want them to be classified relying on put up variety, for case in point there will be a menu product termed reviews one more will be called tutorial and I want all tutorial submit occur below tutorial webpage and similar goes for assessments posts ought to be beneath critiques website page
I managed to do identical factor by using classes to build a menue and assign any put up with its applicable catagory, but the challenge is that all posts will seems under household website page as nicely and this will make the other pages I created as a duplicate of the dwelling site, I hope I defined my issue evidently
any ideas would be handy

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