How to escape plugin bug purgatory? Do I want to abandon WordPress?

Hello r/Wordpress!

**Tldr:** should I try out to use somebody to compose custom code to workaround vital plugin bugs that the plugin builders won’t be able to/is not going to repair? Or ought to I just go all the way with personalized code and develop my website in some thing that’s a lot easier to sustain than WordPress?

**Complete backstory:**

I created a website for a nonprofit utilizing WordPress this past calendar year. The first good reasons for picking WordPress had been that

* it appeared like it would be maintainable by non-complex staff
* it is really well-known, not likely to come to be abandonware
* getting plugins would be a way to immediately include functionality

On the other hand, now, about a 12 months in, I have operate into some really serious issues. Exclusively, plugin bugs and conflicts. Various plugins supplying significant performance have experienced bugs that the developers haven’t been equipped to solve immediately after a lot of weeks of back and forth, and often the only fix they endorse is to disable an additional essential plugin. The two largest problems are that

* ACF Professional abruptly stopped enabling inline editing of Relevant write-up. The web-site relies seriously on relationships amongst personalized posts, and it is really not an satisfactory editing encounter for editors to have to go to a distinct webpage to edit or create related posts.
* [Dynamic.OOO](https://Dynamic.OOO) hasn’t been equipped to display nested romantic relationship fields in a repeater, which usually means I can’t have templated webpages for quite crucial material

Not to mention, the admin UI is lifeless sluggish, and I won’t be able to figure out why.

Now I have to have to determine out a path forward for the site. The choices I’m considering are:

1. Rebuild the website from scratch applying a diverse CMS (most possible Wagtail), making the tradeoff of acquiring to generate extra tailor made code in trade for currently being able to deal with stuff instantly somewhat than relying on plugin developers, and becoming on a stack with significantly less legacy tech financial debt.
2. Check out to find a WordPress developer to possibly correct the plugin concerns or construct tailor made plugins to exchange individuals. I am not positive if this is a widespread services out there for employ, or how to obtain a excellent individual to do this. On the in addition facet, we could continue on to use what is actually been constructed so significantly. On the minus facet, I’m not confident if this is just kicking the can down the street–will I have to keep employing people to do custom plugin code to deal with the unavoidable upcoming conflicts?

(Track record: I’ve created sites with WordPress just before and, y’know, modified functions.php, but I’m not a WordPress Developer. I do have knowledge setting up websites and apps working with other frameworks like CodeIgniter and Rails.)

I know folks build stable, performant, protected WordPress web sites with state-of-the-art features and numerous plugins, but I you should not have enough WordPress understanding to determine no matter whether that’s feasible in my situation, or if it’d be greater to develop anything a lot more tailor made. What is your information?

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