How To Calculate CAGR in Excel

How To Determine CAGR in Excel

Compound Once-a-year Development Price, CAGR, is your price of return for an investment decision above a distinct interval.

Calculating CAGR by hand is a alternatively associated course of action, so under we’ll go about how you can promptly compute CAGR in Excel.

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CAGR Excel System

The system for calculating CAGR in Excel is:

=(Stop Price/Starting Benefit) ^ (1/Variety of Yrs) – 1

The equation works by using a few diverse values:

  • End value, which is the amount of dollars you’ll have just after the period of time has passed.
  • Starting value, which is the volume of funds you commenced with.
  • Variety of many years, which is the full variety of years that have passed.

Under we’ll go above an instance of how to estimate CAGR for a 5 many years time body in Excel applying the sample details set proven below:

sample data

1. Identify the numbers you’ll use in your equation. Making use of the sample knowledge set above,

  • The close benefit is 2143 (in cell B6).
  • The commencing benefit is 1000 (in cell B2).
  • The quantity of years is 5 (in cell A6).

2. Input your values into the system. 

Excel offers quite a few shortcuts, so you can basically input the mobile numbers that consist of each individual of your values into the equation. Utilizing the sample facts set earlier mentioned, the equation would be

=(B6/B2) ^ (1/A6) – 1

This is what it looks like in my Excel sheet:

calculate cagr in excel step 2: input your cell numbers into the equation

Take note that the equation improvements color to correspond with the cells you are employing, so you can glance back again and verify that your inputs are suitable prior to managing the equation.

cagr formula in excel using cell numbers

You can also enter real values into the formulation as a substitute of mobile figures. The equation would then seem like this:

=(2143/1000) ^ (1/5) – 1

3. The moment you’ve entered your values, click enter and run the equation. Your consequence will appear in the mobile that contains the equation, as proven in the graphic beneath.

cagr equation calculation final result in excel

CAGR Formulation in Excel as a Proportion

Your default result will be proven as a decimal. To look at it as a share, ideal-simply click on the cell your result is in, choose Format Cells and then Proportion in the dialogue box.

Your final result will be converted to a proportion, as proven in the image down below.

cagr forumla in excel expressed as a percentage

Now let us go above a shortcut for calculating CAGR in Excel making use of the Price operate.

How To Estimate CAGR Using Level Purpose

The Rate operate will help you compute the interest charge on an financial commitment around a time period of time.The method for calculating CAGR is: 

=Amount(nper,, pv, fv)

  • nper is the overall number of durations in the time body you’re measuring for. Given that you’re calculating once-a-year development level, this would be 12.
  • pv is the current worth of your investment decision (must constantly be represented as a damaging)
  • fv is long term value.

Notice that the typical Rate equation consists of additional variables, but you only will need the previously mentioned 3 to compute your CAGR.

Let us run an equation making use of the sample desk down below wherever nperi is 12, pv is 100, and fv is 500.

calculate CAGR using RATE formula in excel

1. In your sheet, pick the mobile that you want to consist of your CAGR. I chosen mobile B5.

2. Enter the Charge method and input your quantities. Be aware that you often need to convey your existing price as a detrimental, or you’ll get an mistake concept.

This is what my method appears to be like like.

sample cagr equation in excel using rate formulaNote that you can also simply just enter the cell quantities that your values are in. With my sample desk the components would appear like this:


3. Click enter and run your equation. Applying the sample data, my CAGR is 14%.

Now you know how to quickly and simply estimate your CAGR in Excel, no hand calculations needed.

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