How does WP auto-updates alone and plugins? Wherever is the “scheduled occupation” in Window Server environment?

I am new to WP and I would like how WP car-updates by itself and plugins. What initiates the process?

I operate it on Windows Server/IIS/PHP. I am a internet developer and fairly proficient about internet programs and IIS configuration.

At minimum for [ASP.Net](https://ASP.Net) web programs just after software pool recycles software is unloaded from memory and is not running except if HTTP request is made to the application. So if you require to have one thing initiated on plan you typically compose some kind of console software and set it up in Home windows Endeavor Scheduler to make a world wide web request when wanted (or use Home windows company for the exact function rather).

How is the auto-update initiated in WP? The internet site is general public-struggling with but I have not advertised it anyplace. There is no scheduled tasks in Windows Scheduler other than a couple linked to Google update and Microsoft system administration. So it is possibly in no way jogging/in memory except if I look through to it which occurs it’s possible after a week.

So what kicks of the update?

I have a guess that website is almost certainly crawled by look for engines that wake it up and then the very first issue WP does is to check out for updates and update by itself if essential. But this is only a guess and I would like to know for specific.

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