How do you override a Class Perform in the features.php file?

Hey Ya’ll,

I know how to do this when a class relies on motion hooks, but I am having a little bit of issues figuring this one out.

In a plugin there is a class

class Etn_Plan extends Widget_Base

And in just the course there is a operate:

guarded function render()

$options = $this->get_options()
$model = !vacant( $options[“schedule_style”] ) ? $options[“schedule_style”] : “timetable-1”
$etn_timetable_get = !vacant( $settings[“etn_schedule_order”] ) ? $options[“etn_schedule_order”] : “”
$etn_schedule_ids = !vacant( $settings[“schedule_id”] ) ? $options[“schedule_id”] : ”
$purchase = isset($etn_agenda_purchase) ? $etn_schedule_order : ‘ASC’

consist of Wpeventin::plugin_dir() . “widgets/plan/model/$model.php”

I want to override this perform and adjust the incorporate to position to a unique file.

Does any individual know a way to do this in the functions.php file?


edit: putting up manufactured the code block render bizarre so I set it

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