How can I block obtain to a dirrectory/file in my WordPress venture, .adding an htaccess file failed to perform


I have a .zip file in a single of my plugin directories that I want to make sure is publicly inaccessible, for case in point if I have the file positioned at *wp-articles/plugins/my-plugin/*, if a person were being to determine out the URL they could down load the .zip file which is what I want to reduce

I am not able to use a plugin to carry out this (Position is extremely restrictive on including new plugins), and I imagined I experienced the ideal solution by using an .htaccess file to accomplish this. I included the .htaccess file to the plugin directory the .zip file is positioned in, but when I insert the adhering to code to the .htaccess file the .zip is still downloadable, from the guides I have been subsequent it should throw a 403 standing code when the URL is visited in its place of making it possible for the file to be downloaded

deny from all

Just desired to see if any one had any ideas on option answers or why my .htaccess file is not avoiding access effectively?