Header appears to be distinct on various internet pages

Howdy guys, I am new to WordPress be sure to assistance me out 😀

The dilemma I’m expiriencing is :

If I simply click on a item group site or in the products internet pages the best bar is a little bit even bigger in height than it need to be (let us say on the homepage is 50px, on the product category web page is 65px) and often it isn’t going to clearly show on these pages and also in the get hold of us webpage

Also, when on the solution class site the graphic I established as the homepage backlink in the header is just not clickable whereas it is clickable on any other site of the website

Tldr: the header is buggy on any other webpages other than the homepage

Also, I would like to make the sweep down animation to be total height of the backlinks but there is a minimal margin involving the nav menu and the area, how can I make it total top?

Many thanks in advance 😀

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