Growing area / concepts(?)

Good day al!

I have a issue for you and most likely a big request.

I have a site like this. There are distinct coloured “tiles”. Right until now there had been 7 of them, and this week I need to insert an eighth 1 there. [](

I am certainly no professional in HTML/CSS and need to have your assistance.

Is there an alternative to lengthen (develop a new?) field the place these tiles are situated? Or it’s possible expand the white qualifications so that the eighth tile can go in (nevertheless, I’m worried that the menu won’t alter to the new sizing or practically nothing will match in alignment).

In any circumstance, I have no thought how to do these kinds of a factor. I, thus, turn to you. What would you do? And how? Can you please manual me phase by move what I would have to have to do to get the sought after impact?

Thank you in advance for any aid!

**The concept utilized on the web-site is Iconic Just one.**

3 thoughts on “Growing area / concepts(?)

  1. Can you please elaborate more on what you use to build the website? Or even paste here the html code for the space that holds these squares?

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