Grammarly Black Friday Deal 2022: 20% Discount

Grammarly Black Friday Deal 2022: 20% Discount

Are you looking for the Grammarly Black Friday deal? If you are, keep reading this article!

How would you like a professional to review your writing? Many AI tools are available online to help you write with perfect grammar and punctuation. But choosing the best tool that suits your budget and requirements can be challenging.

Grammarly is a perfect tool for both content writers and digital marketers. You can write articles without mistakes as a content writer because Grammarly will automatically detect and correct everything.

And as a digital marketer, it is essential to have good content copy to attract readers to your website or social media channels. Grammarly will help you make an excellent copy for your target audience. The tool is trusted by millions of writers and is the best way to ensure your content is perfect.

This way, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing typos again!

Sounds good?

If you plan to purchase Grammarly for your professional or educational needs, this is the right time. This article will explain Grammarly’s features and how to claim the Grammarly Black Friday deal.

Grammarly Black Friday Deal 2022

Their premium version costs $11.66 per month if paid annually, $29 per month if paid monthly, and $60 per year if paid quarterly. In addition, Grammarly offers a free trial of its premium features before you purchase. So people can test the product and see if they can make a difference in their writing style.

So, it’s time to rejoice for all the Grammar Nazis out there!


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Grammarly is allowing you to buy it with a whopping 20% discount. So, don’t let spammy discounts fool you; they may be fake! Play it safe with our 100% genuine deals.

How to Claim The Grammarly Black Friday Deal

The first thing you need to do is go to Grammarly premium through our unique affiliate link. When you use our affiliate link, you will get the discount applied automatically at checkout.

Scroll to the bottom, and you will see a link for checking the plans.

They have 3 subscription models.

The free version comes with limited features. On the other hand, if you need professional checks, the premium version is preferred. If you have multiple clients, you should be using the Business plan.

For this tutorial, we will pick premium.

You can create an account from the next page. After choosing the billing period, complete the purchase. You can pay through PayPal or a credit card.

Once you have paid for the service, you can start using it.

That’s it.

This is how you can claim the Grammarly Black Friday deal.


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Grammarly Premium

Grammarly premium is a service that provides constant grammar and spelling error corrections for individuals and businesses. Compared to the free version tool, it has many advantages.

It can be used to write blog posts, emails, Facebook posts, LinkedIn status updates, or even a simple text message.

It has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, The Huffington Post, and other publications. In addition, the tool is used by more than 1 million users worldwide – from students to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Now, let’s see some of the famous Grammarly features.

1) Browser Extensions and MS Word Add-on

Grammarly is an online grammar-checking tool that has different versions for different platforms. It offers a free version and a paid version called Grammarly Premium.

The tool is available as a browser extension or a Microsoft Word add-on. The browser extensions can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, and Edge browsers. The MS Word add-on is compatible with Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Office 365.

The company claims that it has been used by more than 300 million people, and it has been listed as the most downloaded word processor add-on in the world!

2) Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly has a powerful, intelligent, and robust plagiarism checker that can be used across all devices.

With the Grammarly Premium plan, editors can now check the style and punctuation in 14 languages for a more accurate copy. It also provides a more stable writing environment with fewer distractions.

3) Synonym Suggestions

Looking for alternate words?


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Let’s say that you repeat the same word repeatedly in every paragraph. This won’t be an excellent copy, right? However, you can find related words and switch them with the Synonym suggestion feature.

Using this technique, you don’t have to worry about repeating words. Once you have enabled the feature from the browser extension settings, you can find alternate words by doubling clicking on the keyword.

4) Works on Most Websites

Grammarly works well with most websites. All you need is an internet connection. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, or even your personal blog, Grammarly will be a good fit. It will not trigger any compatibility errors.

On top of that, you will also have the option to enable/disable Grammarly on specific websites.

Why You Need to Claim Grammarly Black Friday Deal?

As you can see above, Grammarly is a popular tool used by students, bloggers, professionals, and everyone who writes worldwide. However, since it is a freemium tool, the free version will give the user limited access to the features.

Or, the premium version can be a good option so users can deeply check the content they are writing.

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Grammarly will provide the best subscription discounts. This is because many people want to save money on a Grammarly subscription.

If you are one of those dudes, this is the right time. Here, you will get the maximum discount on the purchase.

You can get a discount through this link.

Get the Deal


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Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s see some of the frequently asked questions regarding Grammarly.


Grammarly is a fantastic tool for everyone. No matter whether you are a student or a blogger. Grammarly can save you from a lot of mistakes. You can claim the discount as soon as possible.

We have more interesting Black Friday deals on our website that you’ll find helpful. So keep looking out for sales and don’t miss exciting offers of Black Friday deals and wait another year. This is your time to shine with the help of these AI tools. First, it will probably save you money & time. Then, you can use that saved time to do more productive things.


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We hope you found this article helpful and informative and purchased Grammarly right away using this exclusive Grammarly Black Friday deal. If you did, let us know your experience through the comment box. We would love to hear from you.

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