Google Indexed My IP

Looking for support soon after a quantity of marketers i’ve spoke to are stumped as nicely as a handful of techs, which I think is some thing that must be very easily solvable.

I have a site where by the IP has been index by google as an alternative of the domain identify. So when a consumer googles us and presses the leading most url of our web site, google takes them to [https://IP](https://IP). The difficulty is we’re acquiring certification problems so the redirect can’t happen to the TLD. If the person vists our internet site at [http://IP](http://IP) the redirect challenges without having concern.

Soon after speaking to a number of people today, no one particular is familiar with how to resolve this quickly? It truly is not like i can make a SSL for the IP as you are unable to do that appropriate?

I also are not able to talk to for a reindex mainly because you cannot include an IP as a google residence in Search Console?

The web site is hosted through AWS Lightsail regular wordpress put in.

Anyone have any tips?