Ezoic vs Adsense: Who Pays Better in 2022

Ezoic vs Adsense: Who Pays Better in 2022

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Ad monetization is a way for website owners to earn from their blogs. In today’s article, we have the two largest ad monetization companies: Ezoic vs Adsense.

We will compare two of them to find out who pays better in 2022, we will also include other factors such as requirements, pricing, customer support, etc.

Adsense is one of the popular monetization program, around 38.3 million websites uses Adsense for ad monetization.

Adsense is a Google program, publishers often complain about Adsense isn’t profitable.

Compared to Adsense, Ezoic isn’t such a large distributor, currently, only 10,000+ online publisher is using Ezoic. But it is said that Ezoic is more profitable than Adsense, let’s compare both Ezoic vs Adsense in this article.

1. Overview 1. Overview

What is Ezoic? What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a technology, which helps publishers to automate and test ad placements and optimize them to help you to increase revenue from ad placements.

Like Ezoic’s Ad Tester, it’s an AI tool that tests the size, location, time, and ad placement, which helps website owners to increase revenue from Ads. All the content will be the same but it will change the website layout, and automatically switch to the layout which gives you higher revenue.

Ezoic also conducted a test to prove its tool –

  1. Ezoic tested its AI tool on 700 participating sites, those websites got 24 million views in a month.
  2. Participating websites reported a 300% increase in revenue
  3. Plus, users spend 35% more time on the website

However, if you search on the internet you’ll also find reviews of some publisher, who says Ezoic only increased their revenue for the first few months, later they got back to normal.

What is Google Adsense? What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a simple tool to display ads on a website for monetization, it’s an entirely free-of-charge tool. However, there are some requirements to integrate Adsense into your site –

  1. The website should at least be 6 months old
  2. A website should publish original content
  3. It should have decent views

Once you complete the following requirement you can proceed further to integrate Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is often criticized for its low revenue, nowadays publishers don’t find out Google Adsense revenue exciting.

Google Adsense revenue share is 68% for ad placement on the website and 51% for Adsense search. This revenue share is consistent regardless of your geographical location. This was the overview of both Ezoic vs Adsense.

2. Requirements 2. Requirements

Both of the tools can help you earn money, but if you aren’t eligible for their program, they can’t do anything. Ezoic vs Adsense both have some requirements to be eligible for their program.

However, while using Ezoic you still need to integrate Adsense also, to collect analytical data. Now, let’s compare Ezoic vs Adsense on the required parameter.

Ezoic Requirements 2022: Ezoic Requirements 2022:

Following are the requirements to get approved to use the Ezoic platform –

  1. Previously, to join Ezoic a site needs to have 10,000 monthly visitors but now they have removed this threshold limit, any site with a decent number of views can apply.
  2. Your website should comply with Google’s Policy
  3. Your site has original content.
  4. Your site should be in Adsense-supported languages
  5. Your site should comply with Adsense policy
  6. You aren’t eligible for Ezoic if your site is corporate or e-commerce, at the moment only informational, content-rich sites can apply for the Ezoic platform.

These were some of the requirements you need to comply with to be eligible for the Ezoic platform.

Adsense Requirement 2022: Adsense Requirement 2022:

Following are the requirements to comply with to become eligible for the Adsense Monetization program –

  1. Your content should be original
  2. The minimum age to apply for the Adsense program is 18, however, you can still sign up with Adsense using your parent or guardian’s account.
  3. Your site should be at least 6 months old, this is an unwritten rule but Google uses it to avoid spammy websites.
  4. Your site should comply with Adsense policy
  5. Your site should comply with language, which is Adsense supported.

3. Earnings 3. Earnings

Earnings are the main reason, why many publishers want to switch from Adsense. However, earnings differ from website to website, and who are your advertisers, if you get high-paying ads, your earnings will be more for the same number of views than other sites that are getting low-paying ads.

Let’s see the comparison of earnings of Ezoic vs Adsense.

Ezoic Earnings: Ezoic Earnings:

Ezoic’s AI tool helps you to optimize your site, and also helps you to optimize ad placement, region, location, and time for higher revenue. All this will happen by collecting data from your site, to give you satisfactory results.

That’s why it might require time to see results after you integrate your site with the Ezoic AI tool. Because the tool will test different times, locations, placements, etc on your site to provide you higher revenue.

Therefore, in the beginning, you might not feel any big difference in your earnings, but eventually, you’ll start earning more.

You can expect 40$ – 60$ for a 1,000-page view (however it depends on various other factors also.)

Use Ezoic Calculator to calculate your earnings.

Adsense Earnings: Adsense Earnings:

Adsense has a simple rule, whatever revenue they get from ads placed on your website, they will give you 68% of it. For example, if they got 200$ ad revenue by placing ads on your site, they will give you 136$.

And for Adsense for search, you’ll get 51% of the total revenue.

Google Adsense revenue mainly depends on your audience region and niche. if you are a general blog site, with an audience from developing countries your revenue will be lesser than a website whose audience is from the US and whose niche is Insurance, Internet, or Telecoms.

Even if both websites have the same view count, their revenue will have a big difference.

4. Pricing 4. Pricing

Now, let’s compare Ezoic vs Adsense in terms of their pricing.

Ezoic Pricing: Ezoic Pricing:

Ezoic offers users 30 days free trial of their service, without any payment information required, after the free trial if you like the service you can pay for the subscription to keep it continue.

They have two programs which you can join –

  1. Ad funded option (default)
  2. 10% revenue share option

Ezoic also offers various other features and tools, for which you have to pay to access them.

Adsense Pricing: Adsense Pricing:

Adsense is free of charge program, you don’t need to pay Adsense for using it. However, Adsense works on an ad revenue-sharing model, for it keeps 32% of revenue generated from displaying ads on your site, and 49% for using Adsense for search.

5. Customer Support 5. Customer Support

Let’s see in Ezoic vs Adsense whose customer support is better –

Ezoic Customer Support: Ezoic Customer Support:

Ezoic has levels of customer support, after passing each level your interaction with the Ezoic support team will increase. The team will become more accessible to you once you reached the highest level – the VIP Level.

However in beginning also you will get proper support from the team, you can contact them or call them for any issue.

  1. If you have recently joined Ezoic, and you have less than 10,000 visitors, you are at Access Now level. At this level, you can contact support and use community channels and FAQs to solve your problem.
  2. Once you have more than 10,000 visitors you are at Level 1. You get level-up learning, which are some blogs to help you grow.
  3. At Levels 2 you become A+ Ad Partners, and at Level 3 you become A++ Ad partner.
  4. At Level 4, you have now premium eligibility and access to the expert team.
  5. At the highest Level – VIP, you have all the supporting features of Ezoic.

Adsense Customer Support: Adsense Customer Support:

Adsense customer support is very simple customer support, which doesn’t have any levels like Ezoic. From the beginning to the end, you can access all the support from contacting customer support, to the blog and FAQ section.

Unlike Ezoic, Adsense doesn’t have any expert support feature. Let’s Ezoic vs Adsense on ad optimization

6. Ad Optimization 6. Ad Optimization

Let’s see who is better in ad optimization: Ezoic vs Adsense.

Ezoic Ad Optimization: Ezoic Ad Optimization:

Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placement, they automatically try different layouts to generate higher revenue and traffic. Ezoic ad optimization is effective and doesn’t require manual efforts to test every layout.

Adsense Ad Optimization: Adsense Ad Optimization:

Google Adsense doesn’t offer automatic ad placement, you have to check manually each layout and try and test each to get the best result. Of course, it is a time-consuming and ineffective way, many Google AdSense ads negatively affect page load speed.

7. Sign Up Process 7. Sign Up Process

Lastly, if you have read Ezoic vs Adsense article, till here and now want to sign up in either, we have listed down the whole process.

Both the platforms have an easy signup process, and both of them also have entry barriers, which we will mention ahead in this article.

Ezoic Signup process: Ezoic Signup process:

If your website has less than 10 thousand views, you can join Ezoic using the ‘access now’ option. However, if your site has gotten 10 thousand views, you access Ezoic, and your onboarding process will be much faster.

Ezoic classifies publishers using levels, Access Now level is for the site that is just starting itself. In between, there are levels – 1, 2, 3 & 4, and the highest level for publishers is the VIP level.

  1. Once you join the program, and you need to choose the plan, you want to continue, then the sign-up process will start.
  2. After making an Ezoic account, you need to give approval to Ezoic for testing your site.
  3. Then, you need to connect your website with Ezoic. You can do it by pointing your nameserver to the Ezoic domain nameserver.
  4. Enable Ezoic monetization
  5. Add placeholders – places on your website, where Ezoic can run and test ads.
  6. Later, apply for Google Ad Exchange
  7. The last step – Turn on Ezoic

Sign up for Ezoic

All these steps may sound technical but the Ezoic support team will be there to guide you in all steps. Also, you can outsource this task to the Ezoic account manager, he will be there to do all the technical things.

Adsense Signup Process: Adsense Signup Process:

Unlike Ezoic, Adsense is very strict on policy breaching, that’s why opening an account on Adsense has some requirements to comply with, before joining the Adsense program.

  1. The minimum age to apply for Adsense is 18 years old.
  2. Unwritten rule: To get your website approved by Adsense, your website should have some content i.e 30 articles at least.
  3. Another unwritten rule is your site should be at least 6 months old.
  4. You need to have a Gmail account and comply with Adsense policy and terms & conditions.

Sign up process for Adsense is easy

  1. Go to Adsense and log in there with your Gmail account.
  2. Then, you need to sign up with Adsense to link your Google account with Adsense.
  3. On the sign-up page, you need to enter your name, email address, website, and other related information.
  4. Now, connect your site with Adsense, to do this Adsense will give you code, which you need to add to your site, within the <head> </head> section.

Sign Up for Google Adsense

If you have added the snippet of code to your website, you have successfully given your website for review to Google Adsense.

Now you have to wait for some days or even weeks to get a response from Adsense. Following our unwritten rule might get approved for Adsense if you followed our unwritten rule.

Many publishers struggle to get approval from Adsense, however, if you have a decent website, with valuable content, chances are you can get approval from Google.

Next, here is a comparison table for Ezoic vs Adsense, to compare everything side by side.

Here is a quick summary of the whole article of Ezoic vs Adsense on a comparison table, if you scroll down, you’ll get the FAQ section on Ezoic vs Adsense.

This was the comparison table for Ezoic vs Adsense, we have also created a FAQ on Ezoic vs Adsense, to clear some of your doubts.

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Ezoic vs Adsense is a long debate, both of them provide some benefits and losses. Every site is different, and peoples have different needs, you just need to figure out your needs and find the best tool for yourself.

Both the tools are for increasing the publisher’s revenue, however, if you use Ezoic also, you’ll still need to integrate Adsense for analytics data.

In this Ezoic vs Adsense article, we compare Ezoic vs Adsense with seven parameters – overview (key difference), requirements, earnings, pricing, customer support, ad optimization, and sign-up process.

We haven’t judged any of the tools with our opinion, we just stated the facts and numbers, to help you make the best opinion.

However, to end this Ezoic vs Adsense article, we sum up the entire discussion –

If you are a publisher, whose site isn’t getting good revenue from Adsense because of the niche and audience location. Then, we prefer to use Ezoic, which is nothing but an AI tool, that will collect data and optimize ads on your website to increase your revenue.

But if your site is in the niche, in which Adsense pays higher like – Insurance, Legal, Marketing, and Advertising, or Real Estate. Then, switching to any other platform won’t make much difference, especially if your audience is from the United States.

That’s it for Ezoic vs Adsense, hopefully, this article has given you clarity, thanks for reading!

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