Ecommerce with out the commerce?

I am wholly new to WordPress and themes in basic. I have not even made a decision if I want to use WordPress still.

The web-site is for a compact organization that sells solutions, other than they never market the goods online, they simply want to exhibit the catalogue. Also I’ve been instructed the guys at the back business are ‘not tech-savvy’ and it really should be easy for them to load the files and shots.

Any recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Ecommerce with out the commerce?

  1. You can install WooCommerce (shopping cart plugin) and then install the Woocommerce Catalog Mode plugin from YITH. This will allow you to display your products like a regular online store but there won’t be an add to cart button. You could also use a WordPress hook to just remove the “add to cart” button for free if you don’t need the rest of the features that come with that plugin.

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