DreamHost Black Friday Deal 2022

DreamHost Black Friday Deal 2022

Are you looking for the DreamHost Black Friday deal? If you are, keep reading this article.

If you need web hosting that’s affordable and feature-rich, you should check out DreamHost. DreamHost is a hosting provider that has been around since the late ’90s, sharing hosting with other large companies like Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo.

This November, DreamHost got a fantastic deal no one wants to miss. This article will discuss the DreamHost Black Friday deal and how you can claim it.

How to Get DreamHost Black Friday Deal & Claim 79% Discount?

Now, let’s see how to claim the DreamHost Black Friday deal. The first thing you need to do is, go to DreamHost through our unique partner link.

When you use our discount link, the coupon code will automatically apply. So, you do not need to manually apply it.

You need to choose a hosting plan. They have several programs like:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated server

For this demonstration, we will select the shared hosting plan.

You need to choose a registration period, a hosting plan. For starting a single website, the Shared Starter is good enough. On the other hand, check out the Shared Unlimited plan if you need to start unlimited websites.

After choosing a plan, click on the Sign-Up button. In this case, we are going to select a 1-year hosting plan.


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Now, you will be redirected to the checkout page. From there, you can complete the purchase. In addition, all their hosting plans come with a whopping 97-day money-back guarantee. So if you think the plan is not working well, you can claim a full refund.

That’s it.

You can claim the DreamHost Black Friday deal for web hosting. On top of web hosting, they also offer Pro services discounts.

You can get huge discounts on services like:

  • Web Design
  • Website Management Services
  • Custom Website Development
  • Custom Website Design

So, it is a great time to buy DreamHost services.

NOTE: This DreamHost Black Friday deal is available only for a limited time. You need to claim it between 19th November and 1st December.


DreamHost is one of the WordPress community-recommended web hosting providers. Their servers are fast, secure, and have every feature you need. No matter whether you need to start a personal blog or a WooCommerce store.

DreamHost has solutions for all your hosting needs.

Some of the popular features of DreamHost are:

  • SSD Storage
  • JetPack Pre-Installed
  • Staging Environment
  • Automated WordPress Migrations
  • Built-in Caching
  • Website Builder



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Below, we will take a look at some of the best features of DreamHost.

1) Unlimited Emails

Using Gmail or Outlook as your business email address is not professional. Some web hosting companies will give access to free business email addresses. Well, DreamHost is one of them. By using DreamHost, you can create unlimited email addresses.

This feature can be convenient if you need to create dedicated email addresses for your staff.

2) Unlimited Bandwidth

They will not restrict the data transfer. However, some hosting companies will limit the bandwidth on their server. So, if you need more, you probably have to upgrade the hosting. Well, in this case, you do not need to spend more money on hosting just for bandwidth.

All their hosting plans come with an unlimited bandwidth feature.

You can have unlimited website visitors.

3) Daily Backups

Backing up the website can be very helpful. You can always restore the backup and get the website if something goes wrong. Several plugins and services are available for backing up a WordPress installation.

Some popular ones are BackupBuddy, VaultPress, ManageWP, and so on. If you do not need to use third-party tools, you can use DreamHost’s in-built caching feature.

You will be able to create backups based on demand or daily.

You can complete the website whenever you need to restore it with a click.


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4) 24/7 WordPress Support

If you need help with setting up your website, you can contact their support team. You will get support from the group according to your plan. For example, if you use a basic plan, you will get basic help.

On the other hand, higher plans will get you priority support.

5) Unlimited CDN

Many CDN services are available, like Cloudflare, MaxCDN, KeyCDN, and AWS. DreamHost can help you to integrate Jetpack CDN with your installation. In addition, it can help your website to load faster.

Jetpack got data centers all over the world.

So, the website will be optimized for visitors all around the world.

6) Free SSL Certificate

When you choose DreamHost for hosting your website, you do not need to purchase external SSL certificates. Once you have completed the purchase and pointed the domain to their nameservers, you will get a free SSL certificate. You can use it or the SSL certificate from the CDN networks like Cloudflare.

Why You Need to Claim DreamHost Black Friday Deal?

As you can see above, DreamHost has many unique features. You can start your personal blog or business website with this platform. In addition, the platform will give you great discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These discounts will be available to their hosting plans or professional services. However, since it is a limited-time coupon, you might want to grab the deal as soon as possible.

You can get an instant discount through this link.

Get the Deal


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Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s see some of the frequently asked questions regarding DreamHost.


DreamHost can be an excellent hosting partner if you want affordable, performance-optimized web hosting plans. They have several hosting solutions, and you can start a personal blog, a business website, or even a WooCommerce shop.

Plus, this is the best time to use DreamHost for your website. So, claim the discount before it ends!

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