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Hi all,

I just picked up a shopper with a web page undertaking terribly. It operates a pretty bloated divi theme and it can be dreadful in nearly just about every way. Overall performance is struggling greatly.

Considering the fact that divi is its individual website page builder I are not able to modify her topic with out breaking the website

Ive never ever worked with divi. When I was starting out, my wordpress dev close friends told me to keep away from it like the plague so I did.

I want to aid this shopper, so I was questioning if any one has insight on the pursuing:
How do you improve general performance on a divi internet site?
Are there any plugins that get the job done notably perfectly with divi?

Thank you in progress!
Ought to I attempt to transfer the client away from divi?

One thought on “Divi concept suggestions

  1. Hey, I do a lot of development in Divi. It’s great, but you do need to know what you’re doing to get it optimized.

    First, Divi needs to be on decent hosting. Some crap godaddy shared hosting won’t work.
    Optimize images.
    Get a good caching plug-in. I use wp rocket, or divi rocket.
    Avoid large images loads.
    Divi has a ton a built in animations, doesn’t mean you have to use them ALL. If this site uses too many frills, minimize.

    So in other words, optimize the same you would other sites. Divi is great, but I’ve seen so many Divi sites bogged down with too much crap. Simplify.

    Mind sharing the url?

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