Difficulty with themes on WordPress

Hi there guys,

I have downloaded and installed about 6 distinct themes for a cleaning support task I’m working on for a client. The concept installs great, I set up all the plugins and go to the customise area where by the topic is partly empty. I have also installed a number of themes on WordPress itself utilizing the search possibility and I come across the exact problem. I’m really new to WordPress so I’m a little baffled. 

Any help would be considerably appreciated. 

[This is what the theme looks like on the live website and customize page.](https://preview.redd.it/wq72ybh25o261.png?width=2560&structure=png&auto=webp&s=08b72007b5f2be1eac67e3adb7f885e797336ccd)

[These are some that I have installed (Hestia works fine)…](https://preview.redd.it/nmspwgyh5o261.png?width=2560&structure=png&car=webp&s=7c658a0fe566f790d8d8d323bce09b6ab03eec8b)

3 thoughts on “Difficulty with themes on WordPress

  1. > I’m working on for a client.

    So… You want to get paid for a job but you have no basic skills to do that…?

  2. Use the Astra theme. Import an Astra template. And install Elementor Page builder plugin, Elementor add ons, and away you go. If you have Zero experience using WP it may take a while? Good luck. 👍

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