Demonstrate a user’s posts of which they are the writer, of a specified article style, in their creator archive.

Sorry if this is a layup for some of you, but it form of irks me operating into this when developing a user profile (creator archive) template.

* I use beaver builder and beaver themer, which can not do it.
* I use an ACF romance discipline with bi-directional associations, which just cannot do submit-to-user for some explanation (acf prolonged)
* I use custom made information shortcode, which can’t do it (I considered I figured it out after however)
* I use facetwp which does not do it in their template options, but if I knew the appropriate question I could use that in the innovative

I’m just pondering why one thing that seems so basic is so difficult right here. Am I lacking one thing? On a few other sites, we have several snippets we’ve made to do the job around this, but I just really feel like I’m missing something.

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