Common Apply for Multiple World-wide-web Webpages with Similar Header & Footer But Distinct Human body Layout

At the moment migrating an current site from an old CMS to WordPress.

I have about 20 website internet pages that use the exact header and footer.

However, each site has a different structure for their key section/overall body (concerning header & footer).

I need to have to make a WordPress topic that has a distinctive major section layout for every single website page.

What are some prevalent practices when it arrives dealing with these need in WordPress concept progress?

Dependent on my investigation so much, I imagine I can use **specialized web site templates** ***OR*** common **webpage templates OR webpage.php.**

***Specialised webpage templates (red boxed):***

[Specialized page templates (red boxed)](

**Making use of specialised page templates:** I can generate **site-slug** or **site-id** for every single web page, build the webpages from WordPress admin with the matching slug or ID. It may well fix the difficulty, but I am nonetheless not confident.

**A distinct approach**: Employing **web page.php** instead. I can have a **template component** for each individual major articles of the internet webpages and conditionally get in touch with them from the **web page.php** file. Within just **web site.php**, I’ll have **conditional tags** to check the at present rendered page, and if the web site matches a slug I’m looking for, I can load in the corresponding template aspect. I was not guaranteed if this would be a excellent notion possibly.

Are there far more efficient way or WordPress widespread methods for this type of circumstance?

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