Bakery editor history – greys have all turned to white in the editor generating it fairly illegible to get the job done in the backend.

I get the job done introducing posts and material to various diverse websites. A new one I’ve started doing work with is proving seriously challenging to see what I’m executing in the editor, as the qualifications is white. So the bakery blocks are white on white… you can see why I’m having difficulties to see what I’m undertaking.

The screenshot (image 1) demonstrates the gray qualifications, but it truly is not there though i’m functioning on it. I experienced to choose a picture of my screen showing the white on white (photograph 2). Any tips?

Is this a WordPress placing, a Bakery placing, or a Concept environment?! It is so tricky to get the job done with like this.

[Picture 1 – How it screenshots, greys background is present. But it is not on-screen.](



[Picture 2 – how it actually looks on-screen. The background is white. So bakery blocks are white on white. I cant see what i’m moving or to where!](

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