ASTRA Topic Error, I Can not Obtain THE WP-CONFIG

Hi, my identify is Juan R., I needed to question you what you assume may perhaps be the remedy to this trouble (I can’t entry the WordPress desktop and the web page is broken) when trying to log in, it sends me to the household website page, this was accurately what occurred:

I was updating the energetic topic (Astra) in my WordPress later on I experienced a link problem and from this I can not entry the wp-admin of my web page, when attempting to log in, it returns me to the dwelling display screen of the website With out exhibiting me the desktop (the page right before also had a symbol established as a result of the concept and it is not visible possibly) I have tried to use a backup applying various of the types I have offered by way of my host’s platform (GoDaddy), but for For some purpose the web-site does not restore it routinely when on prior instances it did, I contacted the Latin American technical services on 6 instances to test to solve the problem and a lot more than assistance everything has worsened, now when seeking to visualize any My internet site webpage (besides the dwelling webpage) throws me this error “Not Observed The requested URL was not discovered on this server “when I didn’t do it before, I assume they modified a little something from FTP.

All I want is to be able to restore my world wide web website page to how it was prior to, for case in point to the backup of 05/03 / 2021, which can be downloaded from the GoDaddy website, is the first time this has happened to me and I have no practical experience executing a restore as a result of FileZilla, GoDaddy enables you to obtain the updates in .zip I do not know if it is more than enough to delete the recent documents from the html folder and switch them with the backup copy that you provide, I hope you can aid me and thank you.

Sorry my indigenous language is not English and the textual content was translated.

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  1. If you have access to FTP or using GoDaddy file manager, go to your theme folder (probably under wp_content > themes) and rename it to something, like ZZZ-astra. Then clear your browser cache and try logging into the wp-admin panel again. Once inside, you’ll need to re-install your theme. Your settings for the theme should still be in the DB, so you shouldn’t lose anything.

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