Assist with Logging in on a foreign domain

So I have a wordpress multisite for my shopper. The major web-site has been up for a couple a long time now, but I am functioning on 5 other tasks for him. I originally made the excess web-sites with urls that are subdomains of the key site. I’m in a position to adjust the urls of the extra websites to the true domains, but when I try out to log in to the WP dashboards for those people web sites, it claims I have to enable cookies, when cookies are already enabled. I have no challenge logging into the other sites’ dashboards when their urls are set as subdomains of the key website, but when I try out to established them to the actual domains they’re intended to be on is when I have a challenge.

I suspect it can be since the new domains are Swedish TLDs (.se) due to the fact my shopper moved from the US to Sweden and the new firms for these web sites will be run out of Sweden. Does anyone know a way to operate about this so I really don’t have to get the site down each individual time I want to make an edit?

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