Adjusted URL now are unable to obtain my internet site

Hello there all,


Initially-time poster right here, I feel that this write-up is permitted inside the subreddit regulations.


My business is now in the procedure of shifting names and, so the title implies, I have tried using to adjust my web page URL to match this. I adopted a guidebook uncovered on line to try and do this, so following the measures, I changed the Site Title as effectively as the two the WordPress and Web page Deal with to the new title of my web page. But now any time I attempt to access my website, I get the “This web-site can not be attained. Test if there is a typo” mistake message. No matter of if I try out to access both the new or previous URL, I nonetheless obtain the identical error concept.

I am only a rookie so there may possibly be a thing apparent I have skipped, but is there a way close to this so that I can get back again into the WordPress Admin Panel and make any adjustments so that I can access my website again?

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