Actually cost-free themes? (portfolio/webshop)

Hello all,

So, I have been browsing a ton of advised ‘free’ themes. Turns out that about 99% of the no cost themes you can locate are not truly free because they either depend on plugins that you have to have to purchase, or have some concealed ‘free’ version which is seriously crippled. A shame, mainly because I had identified a number of themes that I actually preferred, but then it grew to become like a forest of plugins that I necessary to obtain. I’m not in the place to definitely spend funds on themes, but I do have a large amount of time to spend on a website so I figured I would discover some certainly absolutely free portfolio themes and tailor them to my needs.

Do they even exist? Truly free themes? I am incredibly new to this, also saw fascinating things like ‘elementor’. Maybe a thing like that which isn’t way too crippled in a ‘free’ variation could do the work?

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