About jQuery library and other popular JS frameworks like React, Vue.js and so on

Hello there individuals,

I’ve examine a minimal little bit about the inner framework of WP but not in-deep nonetheless on the WP’s official documentation.

If I am correct jQuery’s the formal JS library which go alongside with the WP’s source code and WP’s created with, I indicate, the one’s generally saved in the WP’s source code. And quite a few popular themes are also built applying just one as one most important JS library for supporting the all JS wants.

For occasion, when building a custom WP theme we are supposed to use a person (for the reason that it previously comes involved in the WP’s source code) or could we use Vue.js framework for it way too?

If using the latter, so does we require to retailer the Vue.js framework’s resource code in the WP’s source code just like one is did?

I hope I managed to clarify my question very well.


Thanks in advance!

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