10 Stunning Joomla Portfolio Templates For Creatives 2022

10 Stunning Joomla Portfolio Templates For Creatives 2022

With clean and minimal, yet practical, Joomla portfolio templates, you can present your work in the most professional way. Not only that, but a solid website showcasing your amazing works is a more pro-level looking CV, too.

Whether you are a photographer, designer, writer, or any other creative professional, you need a portfolio. That is a fact if you are after a successful freelancing lifestyle which may eventually turn into a serious business. Or you stay solo but still keep the work and all that follows seriously.

I bet you already worked with many brands and companies and gained a ton of experience and skills within your niche. You can use a respectable portfolio website as a jumping-off point for gaining more clients and sealing new deals. Make them astonished with your pieces of art.

To make sure your work is showcased in the most beautiful way which will help you increase your clientele, use Joomla portfolio templates. These allow you to put your creative mind to use and represent your work in a very unique way. Bear in mind, it is not only your accomplished projects what they will be amazed by. Designing an outstanding portfolio page is a masterpiece to take into consideration, too. Catch people’s attention with your overall online presence.

Most beautiful Joomla portfolio templates


estrella joomla creative agency portfolio template

For all of you who are operating a creative agency, establish an inspiring website with Estrella. This Joomla portfolio template sorts you out with an array of different practical material that will do the trick. From various page layouts, front and internal, to multiple other handy elements, Estrella is here to offer you to kick-start your thing. The fastest approach to building a website would be to just mix and match the available and that’s it. Still, a lot more is also possible with Estrella.

The bundle of features includes pricing tables, slider, progress bars, social login, accordions, mega menu and Google Maps. Estrella is also built with responsiveness, SEO and fast loading in mind. Elevate your business and win over more business with a well-thought-out website that you are about to bring to existence with Estrella.

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sobre joomla photo portfolio template

Sobre is a Joomla template that fits photographers ideally. To build an online portfolio, you only really need one tool – Sobre – and all the rest immediately becomes history. While I will tell you about some of the goodies that you get with Sobre, you can also take a peek at the live preview page and experience it first-hand. In short, Sobre is a serious competitor when it comes to templates for building photography websites. But if you need to create a photo-first website for something else, by all means, make it happen with Sobre. Customizations are possible, to tailor the default look according to your need.

The performance of your website will also be outstanding, so everyone enjoys a magnificent experience. Some other specialties of Sobre contain grid layouts, video support, dark mode, SP Page Builder, Google Fonts and Ken Burns effect. You have it all at your fingertips, it’s now up to you to take action and make a difference.

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berlin joomla portfolio template

Berlin is a full-blown solution that will help you sort out an enviable web space. With this Joomla portfolio template, you can build websites for agencies, freelancers, artists, photographers, in fact, any creative mind out there. Even by employing Berlin as is, the tool already caters to an array of different intentions. But you can also take things to a whole different level once you start performing improvements and additional configurations to the default appearance.

The layout of Berlin is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, always keeping the performance at an all-time high. You also get lightbox, contact form, Isotope portfolio and Font Awesome icons, amongst many more other specialties in between. A few extras come in the form of typewriter effect, slideshow, sticky header and Google Maps. If you need a simple and modern web design for your online portfolio, get your hands on Berlin.

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sciome joomla portfolio template

Since its development, Sciome has been steadily providing solutions for web studios, businesses, freelancers and agencies. Such devotion is steadfast, and it only gets better for this Joomla portfolio template. Promoting versatility, this theme has the right ingredients in creating a breathtaking masterpiece. It does not really care which field you are into. Sciome’s affordable package gives you 24/7 site access, quick install, SEO tools, multiple design elements, online forms and so much more.

It is so overwhelming that there are even more incredible features you can acquire when you try Sciome now. It also stands out in providing excellent customer service, thanks to its friendly support team. If you would like to create a vibrant, impactful and professional online presence, you better stick with Sciome and make a difference.

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xprime joomla portfolio template

Whenever a name of whatever starts with an “x,” it indirectly says that you can expect something extreme. Whether or not that is the case with XPRIME Joomla portfolio template, you will soon find out. Well, there is no need for the long talk since we already know the answer.

Why does this even matter?

When you decide to choose XPRIME over all other tools, you can construct just about anything that you want. After all, the template has over sixty demos at your disposal that cover all industries and then some. Besides, XPRIME also has a page builder integrated for you to execute any adjustments easily and effortlessly.

Other valuable features of XPRIME are mega menu, custom logo, social icons, sticky header and Layer Slider. But that is not even close to all. XPRIME has so much more up for grabs that you need nothing else for establishing the portfolio website for your projects.

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yto joomla template

In this day and age, creating an online portfolio need not be complicated, thanks to all the available tools. One of such is YTO, a Joomla portfolio template that gets the job done in close to no time. After all, you have the material all set and ready to go out of the box. You do not even really need to change anything if you dig the default look of YTO.

Moreover, YTO also comes with three home styles and multiple more other page layouts. Whether you are running a freelancing business or an agency with YTO, you can now hammer out a striking online presence. Present your work online, market your services and start scaling your project to new heights. Expect a page up and running in little to no time, attracting new potential prospects.

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dotcreative joomla portfolio template

DotCreative is a beautiful and impactful Joomla portfolio tempate that helps you secure a solid spot on the internet. In other words, with DotCreative, you are about to bring into being a powerful and business-driven website that will break the boundaries. Also, you can also introduce your branding direction to the template, however, using it as is is an option, too. Whatever the case, the outcome will surely be high-class.

DotCreative’s design is responsive, working on smartphones, tablets and desktops like a dream. What’s more, there are three color skins, parallax effects, MailChimp, plenty of practical shortcodes and SP Page Builder Pro. Moreover, DotCreative contains blog section, a working contact form, beautiful gallery layouts and pricing plans. There are all these other specialties available that promise a top-notch result.

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probiz responsive joomla portfolio template

ProBiz! is a Joomla theme created for creative businesses. Building a website is fun and quick, yet the final outcome can be extremely effective. Showcase your work in a completely new light, astonish visitors and start making new business right off the bat. What was once only a dream web page can now be put together effortlessly with ProBiz!. It features the drag and drop page builder and features more than 40 addons. All this means is that you only need to be able to drag and drop different blocks and everything will start coming together exactly like you always wanted.

You can be a coder or one who is not familiar with HTML at all, both can build expert-level portfolio websites. And the quick start option to install the demo data will only make things even more efficient.

To scale your business to the top percent, ProBiz! gets the fundamentals in order for the launch of a proper portfolio website. For the individuals, bring your masterpieces in front of a wider audience and start getting the word out. Innovation grabs attention and so will your fresh-looking website full of amazing work you have already fulfilled for various clients.

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archi mobile-ready joomla portfolio template

Solo or a studio, either way, Archi is a special premium Joomla template for interior design services. If you have an eye for detail and are a true scientist when it comes to enhancing the interior (and the exterior) of a building, you do want to spread the word of your expertise. With a solid portfolio website, you can get new clients and expand your projects archive. It can even serve you as a CV which you can show the employer and get them pick you as their new employee. Instead of a classic CV, a website full of amazing work can be a way better option at the job search.

Archi may be short for an architect or may be not, that is not what really matters this very moment. What matters most is the fact how much capabilities this Joomla template has. Aside from dark and light layouts, Archi comes with 90+ HTML pages and more than 20 home pages. You can pick one page, multi page, landing page and even the coming soon page, if you are still in the process of launching your fresh new business.
Just like all the rest on this awesome list, Archi has an adjustable layout which makes your website work fluently on any device.

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flex multi purpose joomla portfolio template

You will be able to flex things out as much as you like with FLEX Joomla template. This super-flexible template is perfect for you as a freelancer or an agency to present your work and gigs in a remarkable way. Building unique and original layouts is almost hilariously easy with the drag and drop builder. Do whatever it takes to place content in the right order so it will create a killer portfolio website for everyone who stumbles across it to enjoy it.

FLEX is full of carefully curated pages and demo material that every creative can use to the highest potential. You will find a bunch of header variations to go with your personal preference, too. To take the shortcut, install the quickstart demo which turns the theme into the exact same one as you see in the demo.

SP Page Builder will take care of all of your needs with more than 55 elements which help you create amazing pages. Animations and striking layouts of your portfolio website will quickly help you pull in visitors. Amazed by both your site and your work, they will get in touch with you for business. Adding this extra little work into your portfolio website can completely transform your business. Get FLEX which will support you on your journey towards becoming the new aspiring success story.

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